[AMRadio] Trouble brewing in the AM Window (or "Ghetto" if youprefer)

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 True, but often it is hard to coordinate a moving a net, as someone (probably a lot more than one) will invariably not get the word and fire up looking for the net on the assigned frequency, so even it the net moves, there will most likely be some interference regardless.? I have heard this situation a few times when a net moves, then some more ops fire up, and a few minutes after the net start time they start chatting about where's the net?? At least twice this resulted in TWO instances of the same net when another op assumes the NCS didn't make it or some such.? The QSO guys assumed the net guys ignored the request to move, begin bickering the the now duplicated net, who not knowing what happened earlier assumes intentional interference,? what a mess. 

It's a lot easier to politely ask the QSO to move a few Kcs, since all the operators are right there and can coordinate the move. They can refuse, and while that is their right, it's a lot like not offering your seat to the elderly lady on the bus.? You don't have to, but you look a lot better if you do. 

That said, nets should stick to the requested schedule, get on, do their thing and clear the freq. Oh and ZERO BEATING the NCS is always a plus. 


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The simple solution is that the net should have designated alternate 
frequencies if the "regular" net frequency area is busy. It would be hard 
to believe that at 8:30 AM EST, the 75 meter band is overrun with lots of 
Pete, wa2cwa 



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