[AMRadio] Trouble brewing in the AM Window (or "Ghetto"

Dave Mayfield wrl at gwltd.com
Mon Dec 16 07:48:29 EST 2013

Could not agree with you more.....

Dave W9WRL

On 12/15/2013 10:12 PM, Donald Chester wrote:
>>> From: billy <kd5zla at swbell.net>
> So we look at AM 375 watts at 100 % modulation
> gives 1500 watts pep good yes and no AM is 4Khz on each side of the main
> carrier  4 khz up and 4 khz down in this you are only getting a true 500
> watts on the main carrier frequency and the same 1500 watts pep of power
> on SSB can only be 3 khz wide so the 1005 watts  going to the carrier
> frequency. So in this if both AM and SSB are running full power on the
> same frequency you will never hear the AM. So I see it like this why try
> to fight a fight you will never win. But this is my 2 cents.
> Billy
> W5WEJ>>
> I wish AMers would quit talking up that p.e.p. nonsense.  The power of an AM
> transmitter should be expressed in terms of CARRIER power. P.e.p. is
> SLOPBUCKET terminology. In spite of the bogus FCC ruling, I'd bet that fewer
> than 10% of the hams on the air to-day could accurately determine their
> actual p.e.p. any closer than plus or minus 20% if even that, using Hammy
> Hambone "wattmeters" that are not watt-meters at all but RF voltmeters, with
> a printed scale configured to register watts when working into a perfectly
> matched, purely resistive, non-reactive 50-ohm load, a rare bird (no pun
> intended) that exists in very few amateur radio antenna installations.
> It irritates me to no end when I hear someone on AM describing their
> station, and they go on to say they are running X number of watts of carrier
> and "peaking up to" Y number of watts. Why not just say you are running X
> number of watts and peaking 100% modulation (or whatever percentage the
> transmitter is  capable of)?
> Don k4kyv
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