[AMRadio] AM Broadcast Quality

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Dec 16 17:18:39 EST 2013

Awww, cell phones.  When first proposed they were touted to have land line
quality audio with a wide signal so people would buy them.  But since they 
went through the same
thing that hams did in the 50s today's digital sets sound like a Collins
receiver.   Their digital audio is so narrow now to accommodate all the
phones that they almost sound like PTT.

Good quality audio does not have to be wide just have pleasant tonal
quality.  There are several guys who have that but there are a bunch that
equate loudness to quality and that is where the line is crossed.


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> Well, first, good quality does not necessarily have to be excessively wide
> and second, the object may not be simply to communicate.  If that were
> the case, we could use our cell phones for a whole lot less money !! 

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