[AMRadio] AM Broadcast Quality

L L bahr pulsarxp at embarqmail.com
Mon Dec 16 22:18:37 EST 2013

I'm with you on this one, Brian and not with Bill.  Some guys love really great sounding AM.  That's their bag in ham radio.  Some guys like digital.  Fine let them have their fun.  This is a hobby and there are a lot of different interests in the hobby. Take Bill's philosophy further and there should be cw only as it's bandwidth is extremely narrow and that's all you need.  Maybe very slow CW as fast CW takes more bandwidth then slow CW.  I am not suggesting splatter or improperly tuned amplifiers are OK. All I am saying is the fact this hobby has many aspects to it and we should not expect only our views or only their views to be important.

As for the Ghetto, I never go there anymore.  Just too many stations and I can never carry on a conversation with that many people in the QSO. 

Lee, w0vt    

I don't see what is so objectionable about a 8 or 10kHz wide signal if it isn't bothering anyone else. 

Bry Carling
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> On Dec 16, 2013, at 8:06 PM, "W. Harris" <nbcblue at hotmail.com> wrote:
> No more band width than necessary for the particular mode of operation. No reason for an AM signal on the ham bands to be 10khz wide just for "broadcast quality".
> Bill - K5MIL

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