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What about ESSB?

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa.
"Real Radios Glow In The Dark"
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>I don't know how many times I've heard a stock BW 5100, Valiant, RiceBox,
> etc, using only 100 watts on 3.885 taking up more BW than other stations
> using broadcast iron that is 30 dB higher in signal strength using much 
> more
> power!  In other words, Johnny novice AMer using his stock BW5100 is S9 is
> taking up more space on the dial than a station using BC audio that is 30 
> dB
> or more over the S9 point.  Those guys always seem the need to crank up 
> the
> audio just for folks to hear them with that restricted audio splattering 
> up
> and down the band.  Very few of them seem to care enough to use a simple
> monitor scope or to get the distortion out of their audio.  It is not the
> signal that not cutting it here, S9 is plenty loud enough, there is not
> enough audio power or "fidelity" for them to get through the noise.
> One thing I have noticed using an SDR receiver, is many times I have used
> more bandwidth (NOT less) on receive to understand what a guy is saying.
> This seems to be clear from QRM and many times on a noisy night.  This is
> completely wrong from conventional thinking and from what I was taught.
> IMHO, if you are going to sound like the FAA control tower, then why 
> bother
> at all with AM?  You are taking up double the space of an SSB station and
> many times sounding worse while taking up more BW like in the example 
> above.
> Once we start going down this rabbit hole of less bandwidth, less power,
> etc, really is no end to it until you get to why do ham radio at all! 
> There
> are some PC folks in our Ham Radio ranks that want to even outlaw antennas
> more than a simple dipole because of an unfair advantage!
> Looking at my panadaptor these days and nights, we are a dying breed
> compared to other decades.  I know the numbers say different, but that
> doesn't mean the numbers are on the air.  For that matter, I never hear 
> many
> of your that are on this list every day, maybe I am too wide for you or 
> you
> are too narrow for me!  :-)  You will never get any new younger blood in 
> the
> hobby with crappie audio.
> BTW, I also do digital modes.  There are modes much narrower than CW and 
> that also use less power!  JT65 and JT9 are some of the newest WSJT modes.
> Many times you can't even hear a JT9 signal on the air!  Like some digital
> modes, it is like watching paint dry with canned QSOs.  Not very exciting
> and I wouldn't expect everyone to like it or use it.  In the same token, 
> if
> there were no "Clean" broadcast audio on AM, I wouldn't be on AM or in ham
> radio for that matter.  If I wanted to listen to FAA audio all I need is a
> scanner!
> It is all good as far as I am concerned.  I will continue to try all the
> modes when I can, but you will find me in the AM groups with good "Clean" 
> BC
> like audio.
> Give me guys that have audio like K4KYV any day over the BW5100 fly boys!
> 73 de w5jay/jay..
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