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A long time ago I was talking to two hams with my DX-100.  One was telling me my audio sounded terrible.  really terrible.  The other ham was telling me it sounded beautiful.  (Up to this point my DX-100 indeed did sound fine.)  Anyway, I could not understand why one guy was telling me it was good and the other one said it was bad.  (These guys are friends of mine and they are on the air today.)  What I eventually discovered was one of my 1625 modulator tubes filament had burned out and I was operating 1/2 of my push-pull circuit. My distortion must have been horrendous!  Yes,  I agree, you can't always rely on reports as to how your audio is doing!  

Lee, w0vt
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I learned a long time ago to not rely on verbal assessments from hams
I'm working with regard to my audio.

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