[AMRadio] Broadcast Quality

rick kirby smokinggun at verizon.net
Wed Dec 18 20:41:08 EST 2013

On air audio reports are good for finding out if you have hum or if you have
enough audio etc.. The only true on air report you can get is from someone
who knows what your voice sounds  normally like..off the air ..in person.
How do you know what someone is supposed to sound like? You can tell them
they sound great or  they're  lacking low end or they have lots of lows
...but what if the guy "normally" sounds like mighty mouse or James Earl
Jones ?  With many ops running EQ and processing and other gizmos, they may
not sound like they normally should.

If you really want to know what you sound like, make a recording into a tape
recorder or computer sound program or anything  you can plug a mic into
without a radio.Then get a sample of your audio off someones receiver or a
monitor. Now you can compare. Now YOU can decide how you sound.

I for one do not have a great radio voice. My voice rarely gets below 120 hz
and I dont have lots of punch in my voice.(maybe I need a phasing switch on
my lungs?). I never ask for audio reports but thank folks who give them to
me anyway .I monitor my signal with a scope  and  my speech amps , mics and
modulators are tweaked to reproduce MY voice. If I really need to know what
I sound like, I ask a ham friend who knows my crappy voice to take a listen
or make a recording.  







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