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Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Wed Dec 18 20:47:55 EST 2013

Frankly I'm surprised more phone ops don't experiment more with sweetening their audio with all the gadgets at their disposal. For a while the CB ops were big into using delay effects. There are various enhancements available beyond the normal RF speech processors, compressors and limiters plus "equalization" - however most hams don't ever try the basic ones.

Bry Carling
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> On Dec 18, 2013, at 8:41 PM, "rick kirby" <smokinggun at verizon.net> wrote:
> On air audio reports are good for finding out if you have hum or if you have
> enough audio etc.. The only true on air report you can get is from someone
> who knows what your voice sounds  normally like..off the air ..in person.
> How do you know what someone is supposed to sound like? You can tell them
> they sound great or  they're  lacking low end or they have lots of lows
> ...but what if the guy "normally" sounds like mighty mouse or James Earl
> Jones ?  With many ops running EQ and processing and other gizmos, they may
> not sound like they normally should.
> If you really want to know what you sound like, make a recording into a tape
> recorder or computer sound program or anything  you can plug a mic into
> without a radio.Then get a sample of your audio off someones receiver or a
> monitor. Now you can compare. Now YOU can decide how you sound.
> I for one do not have a great radio voice. My voice rarely gets below 120 hz
> and I dont have lots of punch in my voice.(maybe I need a phasing switch on
> my lungs?). I never ask for audio reports but thank folks who give them to
> me anyway .I monitor my signal with a scope  and  my speech amps , mics and
> modulators are tweaked to reproduce MY voice. If I really need to know what
> I sound like, I ask a ham friend who knows my crappy voice to take a listen
> or make a recording.  
> Rick
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