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That is fine if the Flex is used as receive only and matches the transmit bandwidth. Any wideband AM detector can feed audio to any number of cheap recorders. You can easily self monitor in the shack. 

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> On Dec 18, 2013, at 11:00 PM, "Brett Gazdzinski" <b.gaz at comcast.net> wrote:
> One interesting thing the flex radios can do is record audio off the air and play it back over the air with no alterations.
> Its a click of a button, and very useful for an audio report.
> I used to have a tape deck that could record people, then play them back over the air, but there were too many buttons to push the way I have things set up (no fancy equipment).
> You can also access a remote sdr receiver on the web. I did that a few times, I found out I have quite a good signal into Florida on 80 meters at night, from New Jersey.
> I could also record that for later playback.
> Others have sent me recorded files of my audio.
> I always sound bad, no matter what I do, but I hope I sound clean.
> I also noticed that while I think I am sharp and smooth on the air, listening to part of my audio from a qso makes me think I have some sort of brain damage...
> Oh well, I hope I at least have something interesting to say, but that could be wrong also...
> Brett
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>> I learned a long time ago to not rely on verbal assessments from hams
>> I'm working with regard to my audio.
>> Doing so is fraught with all kinds of potential problems.  Of course
>> it is always nice to get compliments, but:
>> A lot of hams want to be polite and don't know how to communicate a
>> negative report and are afraid of offending, so they say, "Sounds
>> Great!" when it doesn't.
>> Everyone has their own idea of what good audio is.
>> Everyone has a different critical ear and tolerance.  Ham A might
>> think a signal sounds okay but the same signal sounds like c**p to Ham
>> B.
>> I've been honest before and said what I thought (hum in the audio
>> usually) only to have a third party come on frequency to berate me for
>> being mean, or an audio snob.
>> I don't have the equipment to do it, but I wish I could record off
>> air.  Maybe someday I'll get a reel to reel ReVox and play back.
>> It's important that all phone ops have a way of hearing their signal
>> off-air and listen for distortion, muffled sound, hum or lack of
>> balance (only low frequencies or only very high) using diodes or a
>> wide response receiver.
>> 73
>> Rob
>> K5UJ
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