[AMRadio] Speech processing technologies and methods?

Mike Sawyer w3slk at verizon.net
Thu Dec 19 07:37:19 EST 2013

    That is a good bottle you have there. The 3CX3000A7 is only outdone by 
the 3CX3000F7 which doesn't require a special socket. However, not to 
promote them, but do not overlook any of the modern day riceboxes. There was 
a fellow in MA that drove a pair 8877's with a FT-1000D and minimal 
processing. He sounded very good. You might be burning up a lot of 'trons' 
pushing it with a 32V-2. Ken, W2DTC put together a very nice box. If you 
follow his technique, you shouldn't have any problem. In case you haven't 
contacted him, I'll bet he would help you along with your endeavors should 
you choose to get in touch with him.
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Hi Rob,
Thanks for the tips!
I will look for a D-104, 32V-2 currently using a mic labeled "General 
but it has a SHURE element, suspect it is just a private label 444D.

The amps I have are old Collins, won't do 160M, not suitable for AM anyway.

So I hope to use the new homebrew amp for 75 and 160 AM.

The new amp is not finished yet.
Most of the metal bashing is done, now working on the control circuits.

It is a 3CX3000A7,based on the work of W2DTC.


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