[AMRadio] AM Broadcast Quality

Steve WA1QIX wa1qix at piesky.com
Thu Dec 19 07:47:59 EST 2013

At 11:38 PM 12/18/2013, Brett Gazdzinski wrote:

>I monitor using the mod monitor audio output, but that sounds much 
>different from what people hear at the far end.

But only because the receiver at the other end is distorting, 
limiting or otherwise changing the received signal.  Otherwise, 
assuming you're using a good modulation monitor (and everything is 
flat, good headphones, etc. etc. etc.), what you get from the mod 
monitor should be the exact signal you are actually transmitting.

However, that being said, I have found it necessary to EQ any 
modulation monitor output to compensate for things like bone 
conduction adding/subtracting from what the eardrums are getting from 
the headphones, and other effects.  I generally boost the bass of the 
mod monitor output, else the signal sounds (in the headphones) 
lacking in low end, even though there is really plenty of low end.

You're so right about the Flex receivers.  They really do make a 
perfect recording !!

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