[AMRadio] Speech processing technologies and methods?

Brett Gazdzinski b.gaz at comcast.net
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I hear people say stuff like this all the time, and I do not understand it.
The only problem I ever heard of with the 32V series is the overloaded 
filament power drawn from the
low voltage transformer.
I solid stated all the rectifiers 30 years ago, run mine on the 700 volt 
tap, and nothing has ever gone wrong with it, its still got the same tubes 
in it that it came with.

I run three 4d32's at 1250 volts in one rf deck, so voltage is not going to 
hurt them!
My low voltage transformer runs cool, nothing seems to get hot in the rig at 


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> Hi Todd,
> I really like the idea of leaving the 32V-2 alone, and doing another fun 
> project to build an exciter for the big amp!
> I run the 32V-2 on a Variac @ 115vac input, and the 32V-2 lo/hi voltage 
> switch is set in "Low".
> A small fan is installed inside the case next to the 5Z4 and transformer 
> that melts, so hopefully this will prolong the 32V-2 life.
> The 5Z4 currently installed is an RCA metal type, don't know if that runs 
> any cooler than the glass version or not.
> I am planning to buy a Flex 3000 in a couple of months at the Orlando 
> Hamfest to play with as a distraction from all the 'anchors.
> The Flex can drive the amp until I can find plans/parts/time to build an 
> exciter.
> Must keep focused on finishing the amp first!
> "Pants first, THEN shoes" is my guiding motto.
> Photos of the big amp progress are posted on QRZ.
> 73
> Frank
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