[AMRadio] Sangamo capacitor

Rick rickb at tx.rr.com
Tue Dec 24 11:16:40 EST 2013

I am in search of a GOOD canned electrolytic which can be anywhere from 1
mfd to 10 mfd @ 450 - 600 wvdc. Both contacts MUST be isolated from the can.
The can size needed is 2" tall, 1.25" wide and 5/8" thick. (Sangamo brand) I
have the mounting bracket. I realize I can open and stuff this old can with
new capacitors, but I'm trying to avoid that step if possible and doesn't
cost an arm and a leg. It goes in a HP-410B AC VTVM. I can leave the old one
on top and just solder a modern cap under the chassis but I'd like to keep
it as original as possible.

Thanks for any help..

Merry Christmas and best 73,

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