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You can get new battery holders. Try Radio Shack. I replaced the holder in my Knight VTVM with a plastic one. 
I do not recommend soldering to the battery, as the heat messes them up inside.

73, Jim W5COA


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I acquired at a local hamfest last weekend a BEAUTIFUL heathkit IM-11 VTVM. It works well on ac and dc scales but would not calibrate on Ohms.   Looking at the back I noticed discoloring around the screw that holds the C Cell battery spring so I knew what I would find when I cracked it open, and oh yes.. a melted D Cell battery.

The spring that goes around the battery is rotted to pieces.  Anyone have any idea how this could be replaced or should I just solder wires to a battery and stuff it in there?  I tagged a battery in with clip leads the vtvm then works.

Hope yall had a great Christmas!

73's and God bless

Ronnie W5 Sum Ugly Modulator!


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