[AMRadio] Heathkit

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Thu Dec 26 14:36:13 EST 2013

Toss the battery and forget about using the VTVM as an ohm meter.  Use
it to measure voltage which is what it is good for with it's minimal
loading high Z. and use a modern DMM for resistors.



> I acquired at a local hamfest last weekend a BEAUTIFUL heathkit IM-11 VTVM. It works well on ac and dc scales but would not calibrate on Ohms.   Looking at the back I noticed discoloring around the screw that holds the C Cell battery spring so I knew what I would find when I cracked it open, and oh yes.. a melted D Cell battery.
> The spring that goes around the battery is rotted to pieces.  Anyone have any idea how this could be replaced or should I just solder wires to a battery and stuff it in there?  I tagged a battery in with clip leads the vtvm then works.

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