[AMRadio] FS: HP 8920B Service Monitor (Spectrum Analyzer+TG+Options)

Jerry jsternmd at att.net
Thu Dec 26 17:30:30 EST 2013

HP / Agilent 8920B Communications Service Monitor 400 kHz to 1 GHz
Second owner, Unit is like almost new and fully functional.  Low hours,
bench only, no field use. Case and appearance: excellent++; Operation: works
perfectly, passes all internal tests.  Screen is clear and bright, no burn
in, all controls work smoothly and respond as they should.  Small
desktop/portable form factor - 7.5"H x 13"W x 19"D at 37 lbs.  
$3600 OBO plus shipping.
Standard HP 8920B has a specified frequency range of 30 MHz - 1000MHz with
the stock electronic attenuator /input module.  This 8920B has the factory
installed Mechanical attenuator/Input module specified by HP/Agilent as
linear down to 400 kHz providing full continuous range of 400 kHz - 1 GHz.
These units also demodulate in real time, with Spectrum Analyzer active, to
1 MHz span, all frequencies. 
Options included with this sale are: 
.         High Stability Time Base (001)
.         Tone/Digital Signaling  (004)
.         Dual-mode Rear Panel Connectors (051)
.         Factory installed Mechanical Attenuator/Input Module option for
400 kHz- 1GHz range
.         60 Watt continuous RF input (100 Watt for 10 sec)
.         HP-IB, Parallel centronics printer and serial ports
.         DC Current output rear panel jacks
.         AC or DC (11 V to 28 V)
I will include Measurement Innovation's RF Tools licensed to this 8920B
serial number - current version sells for $290 (Hams) and $950 (non-Hams).
(see  <http://www.measurement.net.au/c/25306/1/rf-tools-software.html>
http://www.measurement.net.au/c/25306/1/rf-tools-software.html ).  This is
far, far better and easier to use than the Agilent RF Tools Opt 100 iBasic
program plus it provides beautiful color, high contrast screen capture).
Features and Details (see http://www.k1jos.com/hp8920b.html
*	Boot ROM Version: B.06.01 (last)
*	More than 20 complete instruments 
*	Accuracy of stand-alone instruments 
o    Synthesized AM/FM signal generator
o    AM/FM modulation analyzer
o    Duplex offset generator
o    SSB demodulator
o    RF power meter
o    60 watts continuous (100 W for 10 seconds per minute)
o    RF frequency counter/frequency error meter
o    Audio frequency counter
o    AF power meter
o    AC/DC voltmeter
o    SINAD meter
o    Distortion meter
o    Two variable audio sources
o    Digital Oscilloscope (50kHz)
*	Weight : 37 lbs, 7.5"H x 13"W x 19"D
The HP Hewlett Packard Agilent 8920B communication test set is a
full-function test set based upon the Agilent 8920A design but with
increased measurement speed, accuracy, and larger user memory (928 kbytes
standard). The 8920B uses PCMCIA memory cards for data storage and radio
test programs. The 8920B has the functionality, speed, and accuracy for
testing land mobile radios, cellular equipment, and other communications
systems while improving throughput and quality in manufacturing. 

High resolution pictures:

The Sale Includes:
*	HP/Agilent 8920B with front cover and included options noted above
*	Power Cord
*	Manuals on CD (Assembly Level Repair, Operations Reference, GPIB
Programming, and more!)
*	Measurement Innovation's RF Tools (licensed to this 8920B serial
After sale, I will offer to buyer special pricing for Option 014 6kHz BPF
(NIB) and complete CRT replacement Module (NIB)
I don't profit from shipping. I like to "over-pack" with hard-foam
protective lining.  Only actual costs will be passed to the buyer. I insist
that all shipping is fully insured and insurance plus shipping is at the
buyer's expense.

Thank you for understanding!
 73 Jerry

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