[AMRadio] Audiophiles are sure suckers

Eric Nelson wb2cau at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 17:59:48 EST 2013

I think you are thinking in terms of 1970 prices.  If you add up the cost
of new parts in his amplifier, particularly the transformers, you will
realize that he is not making much of a profit (if any at all) on the parts
and if you consider the going rate for his labor time spent building, he is
probably losing money on the amplifier.  Have you priced any vacuum tube
audio amplifiers lately?  $600 is quite low by comparison.

This is not an example of an audiophool ripping off someone.  Selling a 6
foot line cord for $2000, or $5000 blocks of wood to support speaker cables
is what I would consider extreme.   And there are many others that fall
into the same category.

I have to go along with Rob, K5UJ, that troubleshooting that amplifier
would be more complex with squared-off, tied off harnesses.   Besides,
sometimes you can end up with greater noise, hum problems, and potential
regenerative oscillations in audio circuits when low level inputs are
bundled with wiring carrying AC or output signals.  The very first concern
should be for performance and reliability.  Appearance underneath the
chassis should be secondary.

No, it doesn't have to meet military standards, but a homebrew radio by a
ham versus this item going for 600 is quite a bit different.   For 600,
construction practices should be a bit more professional.


On Sun, Dec 29, 2013 at 11:56 AM, CL in NC <mjcal77 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I peruse ebay looking for electronic odds and ends, i.e. junk, that will
> ship cheaply.  Reading the description of some things is better than the
> funny papers most times.  This item on epay -271353735459 is a HI-FI audio
> amp with glowing description of it's builder.  Look at the under chassis
> view.  A lot of poor soldering, components soldered to wires to reach where
> ever, a wire nut connection, and a big no-no I learned in my Navy soldering
> class 42 years ago, putting wires on top of components on terminal boards.
>  It can all be yours for 600 bucks.
> Charlie W4MEC in NC
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