[AMRadio] Viking Ranger problem

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Tue Dec 31 09:51:17 EST 2013

I wonder if it's something in your grid block keying circuit.  Mine is a later model Ranger 1 with the grid block keying circuit.  You can tell if yours does by looking inside above the power function rotary switch to see if there is a metal platform with circuitry on it.  That platform is the grid block keying circuit.  I don't quite recall the potentiometer nomenclature, R9 maybe, but there is a potentiometer used by keying circuit to control the edge of the of cw waveform.  


I had just tweaked this pot in my Navigator last weekend because the VFO was staying on all the time.  The manual says to advance that potentiometer clockwise until the vfo keys all by itself, then back the pot off CCW until the keying stops, and back it just a tad more to make sure it's truely off.  Take a look for this discussion in your manual. 

If your Ranger doesn't have the grid block keying, then I'm not sure what's going on. 


73, Scott WA9WFA 

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Hi all, 
Was hoping for some suggestions as to where to start looking for my 
problem that just cropped up with my Ranger. I was in a cw qso the other 
night and all of a sudden the transmitter decided to keep keying 
continuously. I cant get it to stop now. I have checked all of the tubes 
and they all check out fine. So, on to the next step. Not sure what that 
next step should be. Something in the vfo? It does have output in the 
"phone" mode as if you were tuning the rig. Almost acts like a relay is 
hung up but I dont see any relays in the schematic. Any suggestions 
would be grateful. 


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