[AMRadio] OMG!

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Or he's an advertising genius :)  H e's been trying to sell it for months with no takers, no interest, no buzz because it's  overpriced .  Now he puts it back up on Ebay  with an outrageous price, and suddenly we're all looking at it, creating buzz on the reflectors, and so me are going as far as asking him questions via Ebay  to which he is politely responding to.   When the $89,999 auction expires, I'm guessing he'll go back to his $699 price or maybe something more realistic , and have a whole bunch of us Watchers  getting the automatic Relisting notification from Ebay and we'll go look it it.  If he was truely serious , I would have expected rude and angry responses to the questions; instead they are all polite. It's very curious. 

No I'm not the seller nor do I know the seller  hi hi hi hi 

73, Scott WA9WFA 

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He's been listing this for $699 for months.  Every once in a while he throws a tantrum and lists it for $89,999 or something equally as stupid.  He hasn't yet figured out it's worth about $350.  He's an idiot for sure.  

Mike WB0SND 

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