[AMRadio] Viking Ranger problem

Robert Sauvan rsauvan at beyondbb.com
Tue Dec 31 10:29:39 EST 2013

I will try that. My Ranger does have the updated keying circuit. I do 
recall the adjustment in the manual you describe. I will give that a shot.


On 12/31/2013 7:51 AM, whitebear1122 at comcast.net wrote:
> I wonder if it's something in your grid block keying circuit.  Mine is 
> a later model Ranger 1 with the grid block keying circuit.  You can 
> tell if yours does by looking inside above the power function rotary 
> switch to see if there is a metal platform with circuitry on it.  That 
> platform is the grid block keying circuit.  I don't quite recall the 
> potentiometer nomenclature, R9 maybe, but there is a potentiometer 
> used by keying circuit to control the edge of the of cw waveform.
> I had just tweaked this pot in my Navigator last weekend because the 
> VFO was staying on all the time.  The manual says to advance that 
> potentiometer clockwise until the vfo keys all by itself, then back 
> the pot off CCW until the keying stops, and back it just a tad more to 
> make sure it's truely off.  Take a look for this discussion in your 
> manual.
> If your Ranger doesn't have the grid block keying, then I'm not sure 
> what's going on.
> 73, Scott WA9WFA
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> Hi all,
> Was hoping for some suggestions as to where to start looking for my
> problem that just cropped up with my Ranger. I was in a cw qso the other
> night and all of a sudden the transmitter decided to keep keying
> continuously. I cant get it to stop now. I have checked all of the tubes
> and they all check out fine. So, on to the next step. Not sure what that
> next step should be. Something in the vfo? It does have output in the
> "phone" mode as if you were tuning the rig. Almost acts like a relay is
> hung up but I dont see any relays in the schematic. Any suggestions
> would be grateful.
> Thanks-Bob-W0YBS

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