[AMRadio] Black wrinkle

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 10 17:42:24 EDT 2013

This was on the site a couple weeks ago:

I want to thank those of you that pointed me to black wrinkle by VHT at 
O'Reillys. That is the BEST wrinkle paint I have ever used.

I had
 a BC348 with the small removeable panel just under the dimmer control, 
and that panel was totally devoid of paint.  I put that panel in a 150 
degree oven ( please.. do NOT rat me out to my wife as she swings a mean
 skillet ), for about ten minutes. I removed the panel and turned off 
the oven.
Took the panel outside, let it cool for maybe 2 minutes 
then sprayed ONE heavy coat on it. AFTER it had finally begun to wrinkle
 I put it back in the turned off but still warm oven, for about ten 
minutes.   Man. it produced a BEAUTIFUL deep black wrinkle. 

I'm very pleased

73's and God bless ya's each and every one

Ronnie - W5 Some Ugly Mug

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