[AMRadio] Black wrinkle

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Something different to try. Use a welding rod oven if you have access. The
temp is usually pretty stable.
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Why is everyone so paranoid about letting their wife know they heated up a
piece of equipment in the oven? Who likely paid for  the stove in the first

I have done that many times, including freshly painted panels, and it never
left a trace of odour in the oven after the object was removed. However, I
prefer to lay a freshly painted panel out in the bright  sun on a warm day,
if the wind is calm enough not to blow trash onto the tacky surface of  the

I would, however, be careful about with transformer that may drip melted
tar, which can stink up the whole kitchen, or oil that could be toxic. Also,
overheated transformer insulation may give of a strong smell and could be
toxic. If this is something you do frequently and you have the space, a used
kitchen stove with a working oven may be found for just a few bucks at a
second hand store.

A gas oven may not be the best idea for drying out transformers, since water
is a by-product of  the combustion process of both  natural gas and propane,
resulting in high humidity in the heated oven.  An electric oven would be

Don k4kyv

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