[AMRadio] Help with transformer

Bill Guyger bguyger at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 14 21:14:42 EDT 2013

Hi All
I'm working on a power supply for my ATC transmitter, and am set with most everything but the low voltage transformer. I have a candidate made by UTC with the P/N AS-590 and what is probably a RCA part number, because it came out of a TV transmitter. It was originally intended for 240 V single phase but on 120 V it delivers 360 V or 395 V depending on the Primary tap. Voltage is ideal for 400 V supply using a bridge rectifier once loss in the choke etc. is accounted for (+/-). 
Anyone have any info on current capability. The radio wants 350 ma from the 400 V supply so transformer needs to be able to source 500-550 ma or so. I can't help but believe this transformer can do that given the construction but I'd sure like to be certain.
I checked the catalogs on Bunker of Doom, but I have a hunch that this is a OEM transformer for RCA. Any help is appreciated. If we come up dry, I guess I'll do the old load it down until the voltage drops 10% trick.
Thanks! 73!
Bill AD5OL

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