[AMRadio] ARRL's Real Name

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Fri Jul 26 16:09:49 EDT 2013

Very good Don. You might even say that Stankus almost sank us. What he tried to do truly stank.

Bry AF4K 

Donald Chester <k4kyv at charter.net> wrote:
>In a post on another ham radio forum, a member  was confused about the
>ARRL's  real name, after it appeared on an FCC document as "ARRL, the
>national association for Amateur Radio, formally known as the American
>Relay League, Incorporated (ARRL)".  I believe the writer confused the
>"formally" and "formerly".
>The phrase national association for Amateur Radio is merely a
>term that tells the reader what the ARRL is. Notice that "national
>association" is not capitalised. If they had actually changed the name,
>would read National Association for Amateur Radio.
>A recent fad in the corporate community, dating back a decade or two
>been to drop the actual words from the company name, and just keep the
>initials. For example, American Automobile Association is now AAA, or
>"Triple-A". Kentucky Fried Chicken is now KFC. The "HD" in HD Radio
>stood for "high definition" (although Ibiquity would like you to think
>otherwise); it was originally associated with the words Hybrid Digital,
>the company insists it never stood for anything, that it was always
>merely a
>commercial trademark.
>The fact that they say "formally American Radio Relay League" and not
>"formally ARRL", means that they are holding on to their original name.
>upon a time, personnel at the FCC would have been familiar enough with
>amateur radio and ARRL that they could be expected to know what it is
>without further explanation. But with the new crew of lawyers with
>technical or radio background, that assumption can no longer be made.  
>Amusingly, if the ARRL ever did adopt National Association for Amateur
>as their formal name, the acronym would be NAAR. Remember back in the
>1980s the guy who petitioned the FCC to phase out AM on the amateur
>His name was Robert W. Stankus, and his callsign was N1AAR.    :-)
>A couple of years later it was  reported in Ham Radio Magazine as I
>that Stankus was charged with mail fraud by the USPS for advertising
>kind of Kenwood transceiver for a ridiculously cheap price. Reportedly,
>actually delivered a few rigs right at first to build up a reputation,
>he kept the money and failed to deliver the rest. He may have actually
>served time over this.
>Don, k4kyv
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