[AMRadio] AMRadio Digest, Vol 118, Issue 2

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Nov 1 16:19:12 EDT 2013

From: Warren Elly <w1gud4 at gmail.com>

>>Politics and ham radio have no place together...
my two cents...
they're all corrupt liars anyway...makes no difference if they are slot
buckets or AMers...
they all suck!!!
so let's get back to ham radio and put a stop to this stupid crap... >>

Yep, I'm surprised something hasn't entered the discussion by now regarding
the dreaded O....  Oops! better keep my mouth shut lest I give someone the

Warren, what happened to the Florida AM group below 3700? You mentioned
recently that they had "given up" on operating down below, and moved up to
the Ghetto on 3885. I'm curious what could have  run you guys off the lower
frequencies. We need more AM activity down there. 

Right after the FCC expanded the phone band, there was a rush to get on the
air in the Extra and expanded Advanced portions. Antennas were modified,
tuners were built and several prominent AMers even went so far as to upgrade
to Extra, including Timtron. For a month or two, AM activity down there was
plentiful, and people could be heard describing in glowing terms how nice it
was to get away from all the QRM, congestion and nonsense up in 3870-90, but
as the novelty wore off, activity began to dwindle and one by one, people
migrated back to their old stomping grounds. To-day, it is rare to hear
anyone on AM below 3700, and activity on 3700-3730 is sparse.  I even
overheard a remark in an AM QSO the other night up on 3885, promoting the
ethics and merits of  limiting our AM operation to 3870-90. 

Whenever I try calling CQ below 3600, about all I get, if anything at all,
is someone pushing the AM button on his plastic radio out of curiosity and
trying AM for the first time. That's all well and good, anything to
introduce the mode to newcomers. Occasionally one of those button-pushers
will get bitten by the AM bug and become a contributing member of the AM
community, and off the top of my head right away I can think of at least two
or three prominent AM voices who got their start that way. But it would
still be nice to  work  some of the AM regulars "down below" sometime, too.
The most effective way to promote AM is not to launch campaigns over the
internet or in the ham radio dead-tree rags, but to operate on the air and
maintain daily AM presence on the bands. 

Don k4kyv

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