[AMRadio] CORRECTION re: bandplan

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Nov 1 16:27:16 EDT 2013

>>Whenever I try calling CQ below 3600, about all I get, if anything at all,
is someone pushing the AM button on his plastic radio out of curiosity and
trying AM for the first time. That's all well and good, anything to
introduce the mode to newcomers. Occasionally one of those button-pushers
will get bitten by the AM bug and become a contributing member of the AM
community, and off the top of my head right away I can think of at least two
or three prominent AM voices who got their start that way. But it would
still be nice to  work  some of the AM regulars "down below" sometime, too.
The most effective way to promote AM is not to launch campaigns over the
internet or in the ham radio dead-tree rags, but to operate on the air and
maintain daily AM presence on the bands.>>

I meant "calling CQ below 3700".  Sorry for the typo.

Don k4kyv

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