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What do you run on 40, Jim? Some nights I hear you pretty well, but Jay and Brandon seem to be the channel masters there. And of course, Robert/VMC, when he's on. 40m offers some great opportunities to lower power stations, with a trade off taken into account for its fickle band conditions like sudden drop outs. 

~ Todd/KAQ

   Todd, no big power house here. I run my Gonset G76 +  Gonset GSB-201 on all bands from 80M to 20M. On 15 I drop the amp. The combo gives me 140 watts carrier with headroom for about 130% +/- positive peaks. This is what I have been using on the 20M Monday night AM gathering on 14,330. 

The antenna here is either a 80M inv V (OCF) up 38' or a 15m FW vertical loop (16'W X 8' high with bottom 7' off the ground). The loop with OWL can be tuned 80-10m, but works best on 40-15m. On 40m, Robert W0VMC sometimes heres me better on the loop, but usually the 80M OCF prevails. I use the loop on 20m Monday night except out west, or in Florida where the OCF prevails since the loop is in the null.

I can seldom here Brandon or Jay here as they are just too close on 40M 7290 evening get togethers.


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