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>Unfortunately since those days (1988 and earlier) the noise floor has
>gone way up.  At my place, 25 watts would be inaudible.  I want
>everyone to get on 160 but I am irritated when I work a guy running a
>DX100 on 160 and his "other rig is a BC610" or maybe even a broadcast
>rig!   Whatever your biggest maul is, _that's_ what you want to be
>running on 160.   If you only have a 100 watt rig, use it, but for
>heaven's sake, if you have 833As or some other big jugs, save the
>6146s for 40 meters!




    I have not done much on 160 since 1996 when I had a 1/2 acre lot to play with. A few years ago I did take my 80m Windom, and worked it against ground on 160. I had a good ground wave signal 15 miles away in Austin, and I worked KD6OS in Oklahoma a few times. That was on SSB, and I was running some power. With zero radials I figured that was pretty good.

   As for today's noise, I hope to believe that if I was back in the country, that the noise would be fine. Perhaps that isn't true anymore. For sure, living in a residential neighborhood, on 80M the noise is pretty high, and on 160 it's worse. I did hear Don K4KYV coming in strong last night on 1885, and I was using my 15m FW vertical loop to receive him with. That little loop does well on the AM BCB, so on 160 it hears OK. Oddly, I have a really high noise on 40m; it's not the usual impulse line noise QRN, but more of a broadband hash raising the S-meter up to about an S7. I have to go to 20M before that noise drops to S1-2.

   I heard you on 3885 last night via the online receiver at amforever.com. You were full quieting. So I tune to 3885 at the QTH, and a different AM QSO was going on there. I think I was hearing W4's east of me. I wonder where that online receiver is located? W5JAY?


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