[AMRadio] A question about a National NC 2-40D receiver

Kevin Elliott kg0mn at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 7 15:30:23 EST 2013

I just picked up a nice National NC 2-40D along with a mint condition Heathkit Apache transmitter so I can AM.  My question is this; I have a 120 volt Dow Key T/R switch which also has the external contacts with which I will be controlling the radios, my question is this.  What is the best way to mute the National receiver?  The unit has a powered speaker and I am not certain if using one set of the external relay contact to make/break one of the speaker lines would work our not, since all I would be doing then is cutting off the audio.  Any suggestion or I am I trying to over think this to much?

Kevin Elliott - KG0MN
Saint Paul, MN

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