[AMRadio] "AM Ghetto"

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Nov 7 17:19:48 EST 2013

One of the problems associated with those frequencies below 3.800, and more 
particularly 3.700, is the class of license required to operate there.  I 
haven't looked in a long while but some of the guys who operate AM are 
either General or Advanced.

That is also why any new SSB "net" that is formed on 75/80 meters is almost 
exclusively between 3.8 and 4 megacycles.  You have a much greater audience.


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>> From: Warren Elly <w1gud4 at gmail.com>
>>>We abandoned 3675 and 3655 because we were not drawing any new AMers.
> Every week down here we have another AMer or two... admittedly, nearly all
> are newbees on their riceboxes...but most of them end up with a tube rig
> down the road, and some even understand how radio works!

From: Don Chester, K4KYV

> That's exactly what I was referring to in my earlier post. It seems that
> except for a few of us, the AM community has abandoned the band space the
> FCC gave us a few years ago from 3600-3750. I do hear a little regular
> activity on 3705, and occasionally the mostly Canadian group on 3725, but
> rarely anything else, and hardly anyone in the 3600-3700 segment.

> Don k4kyv

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