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rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Fri Nov 8 12:32:50 EST 2013

That is a no brainer.  Cal and meet up on 7295 - THEN move to a place 
that isn't in use.

It is one of those "courtesy" things.  That brings in a whole other topic.

I've never been afraid of calling CQ, AFTER listening FIRST.

Then again it's a Common Sense thing again.  Somewhere it has gotten lost.

Anyone have a big enough stick to bang on the forehead of the masses?  
It would most likely break the stick than have any effect.

Operating practices used to be what was taught as part of getting one's 
license.  Any manual always had a chapter named as such. It's like those 
that insist that "they" are the "reference", never mind what the radio's 
manual reads!  I've gotten that one over the HRO-50-T1.  Never mind the 
manual states clearly that there are three different ways to connect the 
antenna AND type.  Just do it MY way since I've been doing this for so 
long and I used to be a (whatever) [Dragging old ancient history into 
the rant that doesn't support failure to RTFM!]

I am of the belief that no one reads their manuals, and just takes off 
in whatever direction they feel.

I'd better stop before I get into soap box mode and continue on forever.

I finish this with READ, LEARN, and *then* operate.  Understanding 
Common practice, and how the equipment operates needs to be brought back 
to this hobby!

Bob - N0DGN

On 11/8/2013 11:50 AM, Bry Carling wrote:
> It doesn't make any sense to me why anybody would start a net on 7296. I guess they did not check operating practices before choosing that frequency.
> Bry Carling
> http://af4k.com

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