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Hi Bob,

No offense, but I had not heard of HF Pack prior to your post on this subject. I certainly wouldn't expect an AM operator to have to make regular 
searches of the Internet to try to remain abreast of the calling frequencies adopted by various clubs. Not to take anything away from "HF Pack" but 

its "About" web page at http://hfpack.com/about/ states that "HFpack was founded in November 2000 ..."  It's my understanding that the so-called 

AM hang outs or calling frequencies were established decades earlier, at least as early as the post war 1940s. 


Brad K4RT

> On 11/08/13, Robert Nickels wrote:


>That said, you'll find 7296 USB listed as the 40 meter HF Pack calling frequency here: http://hfpack.com/air/ General 

> info can be found at http://hfpack.com/, or join the Yahoo group which is nearing 10,000 members.

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