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Brett Gazdzinski b.gaz at comcast.net
Fri Nov 8 23:52:48 EST 2013

I have worked a lot of people who were rock bound.
I think Tim, hlr often is.

They are usually slightly off frequency....


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>I don't find many that are crystal bound.
> Most either have external VFOs or have tunable rigs.  Geez, an HG-10 with 
> a DX-60 is very common.
> DX-100s, Apaches, Valiants and you name it.
> I don't find many that are rock bound at all.  I know I haven't owned a 
> single one since I got licensed.  I also can't say that I've held a QSO 
> with any either.
> I think you must just have crystals on the brain.  The Glowbugs are much 
> more likely to do so than any AM operators.
> Bob - N0DGN
> On 11/8/2013 6:58 PM, Bry Carling wrote:
>> Sounds very simple but many stations use crystal control and have only 
>> one or two crystals for 40m AM. A lot more guys than you may think. 
>> Nobody owns any frequency but it seems unwise to start a net on a QRG 
>> everyone knows to be a regular AM spot for decades before they started 
>> it.
>> Bry Carling
>> http://af4k.com
>>> On Nov 8, 2013, at 12:32 PM, rbethman <rbethman at comcast.net> wrote:
>>> That is a no brainer.  Cal and meet up on 7295 - THEN move to a place 
>>> that isn't in use.
>>> It is one of those "courtesy" things.  That brings in a whole other 
>>> topic.
>>> I've never been afraid of calling CQ, AFTER listening FIRST.
>>> Then again it's a Common Sense thing again.  Somewhere it has gotten 
>>> lost.
>>> Anyone have a big enough stick to bang on the forehead of the masses? 
>>> It would most likely break the stick than have any effect.
>>> Operating practices used to be what was taught as part of getting one's 
>>> license.  Any manual always had a chapter named as such. It's like those 
>>> that insist that "they" are the "reference", never mind what the radio's 
>>> manual reads!  I've gotten that one over the HRO-50-T1.  Never mind the 
>>> manual states clearly that there are three different ways to connect the 
>>> antenna AND type.  Just do it MY way since I've been doing this for so 
>>> long and I used to be a (whatever) [Dragging old ancient history into 
>>> the rant that doesn't support failure to RTFM!]
>>> I am of the belief that no one reads their manuals, and just takes off 
>>> in whatever direction they feel.
>>> I'd better stop before I get into soap box mode and continue on forever.
>>> I finish this with READ, LEARN, and *then* operate.  Understanding 
>>> Common practice, and how the equipment operates needs to be brought back 
>>> to this hobby!
>>> Bob - N0DGN
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