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Sat Nov 9 01:33:49 EST 2013

I agree. In today's amateur environment, having 5 amateur classes doesn't
make much sense. Roll the remaining Novice licensee's into the Technician
class (probably with a new name) and roll the 3 remaining classes into
another class with all the same privileges. It's obvious that many
Extra's prior to 2000 worked hard for their Extra but over the last 13
years, their population has been diluted with many amateurs who can't
even calculate the length of a dipole, figure out Ohm's Law, or other
basic amateur radio tasks. 

Restructuring came in April 2000. No new Advanced, Tech Plus or Novice
Class licenses would be issued. Code requirements also dropped to 5 wpm.
Code eliminated from testing requirement February 2007.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Fri, 8 Nov 2013 19:32:18 -0600 "Donald Chester" <k4kyv at charter.net>

> I could live with two tiers of operating privileges, since the bands
> congested like they were when they first started talking about
> licensing and the fear that the increasing number of newcomers was
going to
> make all the HF bands so congested that  they would be unusable. They
> just consolidate operating privileges, giving Advanced class the same
> privileges as Extras, while  still renewing existing Advanced class for
> those who wanted to keep it. It has been proposed several times to
> grandfather Advanced class  licensees to Extra class but the FCC has
> steadfastly refused. Probably one of the reasons is that many Advanced
> licensees bombarded the FCC with mail in opposition. The most bogus
> I have ever heard for not upgrading to Extra is the  guys with Advanced
> class tickets who won't upgrade to Extra because they think holding on
> the Advanced ticket proves to the world that they are NOT a no-code
> The Advanced ticket doesn't even prove that one passed a 13 wpm test;
> pretty sure I recall correctly that the code speed for General and
Extra had
> already been reduced to the Novice 5 wpm for quite a while before the
> stopped issuing new Advanced tickets. I wouldn't be opposed to
> General, Advanced and Extra into one licence class, and keeping
> like the Technician ticket (although they need to change the name) as
> level, if they would quit publishing the exam Q-As verbatim, and went
> to something like the old ARRL Licence Manual with sample Q-As that
would be
> SIMILAR but not identical to the ones used on the test. 
> Don k4kyv

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