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rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Sat Nov 9 10:51:50 EST 2013


Let's make an assumption that there are "some" number of Rock Bound AM Ops.

1)  The numbers really don't appear to be large.

2)  Those that are choose to be so.  Why that is I can't say.

I went the route of AM as soon as I got my General in '80.  I obtained 
an HT-37 SX-101A in a club auction.

I followed it up with building a GG 813 pair for a little more signal.

I have made skeds with MANY folks selecting date, time, and frequency.

It isn't like VFOs are something new and wonderful.  I know folks that 
have built their own "Tall Ships", and every single one of them built in 
a VFO.

If all else fails, a signal generator can provide the VFO function, even 
for something like a BC-610 that requires a 2V input.  Even the old 
URM-25 has a 2V output ability.  You can add the old GR-1001A to that also.

I simply do not find AM Ops that can't QSY very quickly.  It just 
doesn't hold water nor make sense.

Even W3NB with his Gates can manage to move.  I'd expect that a 
commercial AM rig is the hardest to move in frequency.  Yet, Mike 
manages to to do so from 160 to 80 to 40.

I find that AM ops are more flexible than the majority of any Ops on the 

It seems to be more the views and opinions more than reality.  The AM 
ops folks that are on this list, seem to talk about radios that are all 
variable in frequency.

Bob - N0DGN

On 11/8/2013 11:52 PM, Brett Gazdzinski wrote:
> I have worked a lot of people who were rock bound.
> I think Tim, hlr often is.
> They are usually slightly off frequency....
> Brett

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