[AMRadio] Parts for LATE Hallicrafters SX 28A

John King k5pgw at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 10 19:50:06 EST 2013

My SX 28A is POST WAR SX 28 A and the Official War Dept. manual, I have is for the War time manufactured units. My receiver is entirely different 
from the SX28 and war time SX 28A.

The front end sub chassis in my receiver has a burned out coil and some damaged slugs in the other coils. These are NOT IF transformers because they are in the RF section on a sub chassis.

The technician, K4VZS has the war time SX 28A manual and he has the earlier SX28 on the bench beside my SX 28A and he advises that the front end 
sub chassis for the Post War SX 28A is needed.
I would like to hear from those who have refurbished SX 28A receivers 
about your experiences and those of you who have parts or parts units 
that are Post War manufacture. The serial number of my SX 28A is HA 
25499, so I presume an SX28A around that serial number or after might 
have the same parts that I need.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and 73, John, K5PGW

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