[AMRadio] BC-348P Help needed

Dave Mayfield W9WRL wrl at gwltd.com
Mon Nov 11 07:40:14 EST 2013

Yes I know, but the site was not working yesterday when I tried to 
download it, so I thought I would ask, I should have said. I have tried 
to download the manual and the site keeps stopping after the first meg 
or two, so I posted the question hoping someone would know off the top 
of their head from the photo.

Dennis Pharr wrote:
> http://www.jamminpower.com/main/bc348.html
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> I'm working on my first BC-348P, it works but sensitivity is poor in the 
> ham bands and good on other bands, put it on the bench today and checked 
> tubes, and then found this http://w9wrl.com/misc/bc348p.jpg does anyone 
> know the value of the resistor? it is to badly burnt to read it. Also if 
> someone has a copy of a schematic they can pass along that too would be 
> great!

    73 Dave W9WRL
Twitter @w9wrl

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