[AMRadio] West Coast AM on 7293

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Tue Nov 12 06:17:15 EST 2013

Steve, I think you will find that if you hang in there and persist and don't give up retrying later,  
that they will eventually back off and let you alone. This has happened before to AMers in 
various places.  Like every childish person, they eventually go and find someone else to 
harrass. I find that by not getting into a pissing contest with them, you can walk away and 
come back later and still have the use of 7293 on some other day or time. 

Rest assured that the whole spectrum is being captured and recorded these days by the  
authorities from various monitoring stations. It is cheap for them to do that and the record is  
there for all time. These misbehaving amateurs are all getting their callsigns and their  
jamming recorded so that if the FCC or another authority ever wants to make a case against  
them, it will be dead easy. Like when some person has been involved with internet activity  
that is illegal... it is all there to be pulled up at a later time. They may think they are having fun  
at your expense and getting away with something but it may very well come back to haunt  
them later. The worse their behavior gets, the higher the likelyhood is that they wll get busted  
for it. They think that will not happen until it is too late, and they get a $25,000 fine and 
forfeiture of all their equipment, etc. It is no cake walk when that happens. 

Again the best bet is to totally IGNORE them, and don't "respond in kind."   If you do, it 
makes it harder for the authorities to single them out for punishment. For me personally, I 
would continue the conversation as long as I could, and not behave like them.

I can put a fairly strong signal on 40m AM now, so may join you guys one evening from back 
east (grin!)

YMMV - 73 de AF4K

On 11 Nov 2013 at 19:28, Steven Harrison wrote:

> Tuned across 40 meters AM last night. 
> Wanted to show a friend that was interested in the Hobby how fun AM
> radio is...
> Well as I tuned in 7293 the SSB splatter was horrible so I switched
> over to a SSB rig... What I found was a group on 7288 bashing the
> AMers and they purposely were running Upper Sideband to "agitate the
> AMers". I don't know what set them off but they were throwing
> carriers, running high power with ALC cranked all the way to the
> right. The SSB signals were as wide an AM signal. 
> Tuned in 7293 this afternoon had some nice QSO's. Was on AM about 45
> minutes when the group on 7288 started up again. I was watching
> signals on a SDR, the AMers were running signals 6-7kc wide while
> some of the 7288 sidebanders were running 5-6 kc wide.
> So that's what we got to deal with on the West Coast... 
> Thank goodness for the super pro 400 which does a good job of
> fighting the QRM....
> 73' de N5YRJ
> Steve H.
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