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I have a simple question that will be baseline fundamental for most of you
but I have only been into AM for about a year. I than found a Eico 730
external plate modulator amp and in the process of restoring it. The 730 is
in quite nice condition and will be a good stepping stone into plate
modulation and future projects. I plan on using it with a Knight T150 that
has a pair of 6146 and it also has a plate modulation input plug on the
rear of the unit. I do understand the drawbacks of the T150 VFO and do have
a good selection of rocks.

I need some help with the modulation transformer on the 730, It has taps
from 0 ohms to 10 k and I just can't find enough information or the math
involved on what tap I should use to hook it to the T150 plates. Any advice
would be greatly taken I just don't want to smoke her the first time I
power it up. Thanks John W0XAZ


    Take a look at this thread:


   Several folks took a stab at a question similar to yours. This in my opinion is worth printing out and reading over a few times. Bottom line is you want a turns ratio such that the modulation capability hits a desired target. If that makes a plate to plate load impedance that is low for the tubes in the modulator, then either readjust your RF operating point (load to a deeper dip), or add another pair of modulator tubes. Don't let impedance matching be the main concern; instead concentrate on turns ratio, and then deal with the impedances if need be.


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