[AMRadio] Variac brushes and BC375

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 27 20:04:39 EST 2013

To the fellow who needed brushes for a Variac...remove one and take to a motor shop.  They have a pretty good assortment of brush types, and the Variac folks probably did not  manufacture their own, just adapted commercial stuff.  I needed brushes for my induction start motor I use on my air compressor, and took one to the motor shop and they had a close version that fit my 80 year old motor.

Another off the shelf item used in gear is under the Drake main tune knob friction drive to allow you to zero the control.  It is nothing more than rubber or synthetic valve stem packing, at least that what fit and worked perfectly when the ones on my R4C and T4XC hardened up and slipped continually.

I posed a question about control 'M' on the BC375 and getting the knob off of it.  While I still have not succeeded in removing the knob, I was able to get some lube on the gearing by prying up on the knob skirt.  The real culprit though was indeed the dial lock which was stuck tight even with the lock knob loose and floppy.  Tapping on the lock knob rivet loosed the lock and the control returned to normal smooth operation.

Thanks to all who offered suggestions, and will try them all to get the knob off and the adhesive out.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC

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