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Jay Bromley jayw5jay at cox.net
Tue Oct 1 22:49:42 EDT 2013




I've been converting some cassette tapes into mp3s.  I ran across this tape
made my Floyd Dunlap, WA5TWF, (aka Duke Alexander in the DX world).  Floyd
had a DX program on shortwave and you might still find some recordings of
Floyd or Duke Alexander around the internet?  Floyd was big Kahuna of
S.P.A.M. after Don Hoisington W4CJL, promoting AM every chance he got.
After joining S.P.A.M.  he would send a memento of thanks and that is how I
got this tape.


The tape is entitled "The Box".  It is a recording back sometime in the
1960's on the 75m AM band with the late Otis K5SWK playing an on air prank.
Many hams you hear on the tape you will know like BXO John at the helm,
Colby, etc.  These were true AM pioneers!  From what I understand Floyd got
recording off an SWLer, that would be a story unto its own.  If you wear
headsets you will hear some interesting phasing between left and right
channel, like binaural receive.  I wonder how they did that back then?    


The recording is long (about an hour), but very interesting if you are an
AMer that worked any of these hams.  What I found interesting how much
different the band sounded like back then.  You could hear other carriers
the whole time down under the main signals, probably from the east and west
coasts.  However the big signals from Texas pretty much quieted the whole


I did a search on "The Box" under Otis's call and didn't find this on the
web anywhere, but did see it mentioned on the AMphone site.  IMHO, stuff
like this needs to be preserved and I had forgot I even had it.  Please feel
free to past it around.  I will leave the link up for a few days on my
public DropBox link.  If this is on the web somewhere, I am sorry for the
duplication, please let me know.  I just thought it was cool to share to the
guys here.


BTW, back in the mid 80's my Jr. High School Buddy Curt Furtado, KI5AK and I
got to meet Otis in person down in Houston.  We even got to get on the Big
Rig with Otis and I think a few other old time buddies like BXO John showed
up.  If I remember right it was at a TV repair shop that Otis or BXO John
owned, sorry I can't remember for sure now?  Sure was fun time in AM and
another nice memory!  


What a treasure Otis was to the AM community!!


73 de w5jay/jay..

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