[AMRadio] "The Box"

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Wed Oct 2 06:59:49 EDT 2013

Does anyone else have more old time AM recordings that are available as mp3 files?

I would love to listen to and help preserve some more of this. 

Bry AF4K

On 1 Oct 2013 at 21:49, Jay Bromley wrote:

Subject:        	[AMRadio] "The Box"

> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7224495/The%20Box.mp3
> Hi, 
> I've been converting some cassette tapes into mp3s.  I ran across
> this tape
> made my Floyd Dunlap, WA5TWF, (aka Duke Alexander in the DX world). 
> Floyd
> had a DX program on shortwave and you might still find some
> recordings of
> Floyd or Duke Alexander around the internet?  Floyd was big Kahuna
> of
> S.P.A.M. after Don Hoisington W4CJL, promoting AM every chance he
> got.
> After joining S.P.A.M.  he would send a memento of thanks and that
> is how I
> got this tape.
> The tape is entitled "The Box".  It is a recording back sometime in
> the
> 1960's on the 75m AM band with the late Otis K5SWK playing an on air
> prank.
> Many hams you hear on the tape you will know like BXO John at the
> helm,
> Colby, etc.  These were true AM pioneers!  From what I understand
> Floyd got
> recording off an SWLer, that would be a story unto its own.  If you
> wear
> headsets you will hear some interesting phasing between left and
> right
> channel, like binaural receive.  I wonder how they did that back
> then?    
> The recording is long (about an hour), but very interesting if you
> are an
> AMer that worked any of these hams.  What I found interesting how
> much
> different the band sounded like back then.  You could hear other
> carriers
> the whole time down under the main signals, probably from the east
> and west
> coasts.  However the big signals from Texas pretty much quieted the
> whole
> frequency.
> I did a search on "The Box" under Otis's call and didn't find this
> on the
> web anywhere, but did see it mentioned on the AMphone site.  IMHO,
> stuff
> like this needs to be preserved and I had forgot I even had it. 
> Please feel
> free to past it around.  I will leave the link up for a few days on
> my
> public DropBox link.  If this is on the web somewhere, I am sorry
> for the
> duplication, please let me know.  I just thought it was cool to
> share to the
> guys here.
> BTW, back in the mid 80's my Jr. High School Buddy Curt Furtado,
> KI5AK and I
> got to meet Otis in person down in Houston.  We even got to get on
> the Big
> Rig with Otis and I think a few other old time buddies like BXO John
> showed
> up.  If I remember right it was at a TV repair shop that Otis or BXO
> John
> owned, sorry I can't remember for sure now?  Sure was fun time in AM
> and
> another nice memory!  
> What a treasure Otis was to the AM community!!
> 73 de w5jay/jay..
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