[AMRadio] "The Box"

Bernie Doran qedconsultants at embarqmail.com
Wed Oct 2 14:05:42 EDT 2013

I listened to about 20 minutes of this and simply was not impressed with 
what I heard.

Note, new paragraph, unrelated to the above comment.
75 in the late 50s and 60s was, in many peoples minds, not a place to find 
gentlemen. There were  groups that told jokes as raw as there is, sexual 
related comments, profanity, drugs and booze conversations. " the cold 807" 
and of course the fighting with SSB stations that reached levels of 
absurdity, and then those that felt it was a great idea to record and 
broadcast  music and assorted radio programs.   All apparently with no 
concerns that anyone with the simplest SW receiver could and was listening. 
It was a bad as anything I have heard on 14.275 with our VE friend and 

I have heard similar squabbling with some of the SSB  groups at the 3880 
area of 75.  For those out of this area, you probably know others, the one I 
am thinking about throws in nearly every transmission, "A.M. is trash", and 
takes some measure of pride with jamming.     Even now I hear
some questionable A.M.    I have always felt that if one would not strand 
out in the middle of a parking lot with a PA system and say the things one 
sometimes hears , perhaps it might be prudent not to broadcast the same 
language.   I would not call the 50s and 60s  a pioneering era of A.M. I 
would say a dying era.

I often wonder how many remember  W8GZ General Windom, yes that one. he had 
well over 300 confirmed on A.M. keep in mind this was at time long before 
"DX aids"  and the number of DX stations was probably less that 1/20 of the 
current number.   I did meet him and visit his station in Reynoldsburg.  I 
was a pup at the time.   I recall his 20 meter transmitter was PP 250Ts. 
and the RX was a extensively modified HRO.

 There is no intent to offend anyone with this, simply my views.    Bernie 

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