[AMRadio] "The Box"

Bernie Doran qedconsultants at embarqmail.com
Wed Oct 2 19:03:53 EDT 2013

I had the same experance as Bry. I person of character and many others.   He 
was not my Elmer!, he was my mentor!!  I have no idea where elmer came from. 
The usual QSO involved gear that was built, being built or being built in 
the mind, band conditions , weather. antennas. etc.  I was on 80 CW as a 
novice and was amazed at the first contact on 40, it was 300 miles away!!! 
With the general,  I stayed almost always on 40 A.M. with my 813 modulated 
with 811s( non a) using the mod transformer from an ART 13.  The setup was 
the rig of choice unless one had $$$$. Ham radio was what moved me into 
becoming an engineer.

Even now, 75/80 does not, I believe have a good reputation.   A good number 
of people just hog a frequency and even though they have nothing to say, 
dead air, they consider their freq in use.  Of course there are a lot of 
good people on 75/80.   Bernie W8RPW 

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