[AMRadio] Belton, TX hamfest

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Oct 7 16:07:34 EDT 2013

It was a great hamfest years back.  But, like most of them, it is suffering, 
and  I think some of the suffering is economic and some is because some of 
our friends aren't there anymore.  It was the place I met you Ronnie along 
with Jim / W5NBC, Joe / KB5YA, Geoff / W5OMR, Mike / WA5CMI, Tony / W5OD, 
Paul / N5DUP and so many more of them who are not on AM much these days. Tim 
/ N5DWP is now working in the DFW airport region rather than in Sherman, 
life gets in the way.

If the economy turns around maybe we can stir up those guys and get more on 
the air.



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>I wish I could have but didn't! Jim I will always remember belt on as the 
>place I met you!

> Ronnie

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