[AMRadio] We Now Have AMRadio Searchable archives

bradk4rt at verizon.net bradk4rt at verizon.net
Tue Oct 8 07:51:43 EDT 2013


Just tried the search feature, seems to work well. Thanks to whoever put the search engine together and to the Hallicrafters site for hosting the head-end.


On 10/07/13, manualman at juno.com wrote:

WE now have AMRadio (this reflector) searchable archives available from
the present back to January 2001. After a request to the webmaster of the
Hallicrafters web site, www.w9wze.net, Jim, W5JT, has graciously added
our AMRadio reflector to his list of searchable archives. To access, go
to www.w9wze.net . On the right side, scroll down to the down of the
page. Click Search QTH.net Lists. From the Select List field, choose
AMRadio; then in the Search for keywords, names, model number, etc., add
whatever it is you are looking for. Then click GO. Wait, it make take
some time to search all the archives to find your info.

Also note that you can also search on some of our other favorite
reflector lists including Hallicrafters, Heathkit, Hammarlund,
Boatanchors, and a number of others.

Further Brian:
If you search the AMRadio archives, you'll discover I made a query about
the lack of AMRadio updates since July 2010 in mail-archive.com back on
August 2, 2013. There were no responses from anyone.

On the Welcome screen for the mailman.qth.net Mailing Lists, second
paragraph, there is this statement: "List Administrators, you can visit
the list admin overview page to find the management interface for your
list". This person(s) might be the one that can correct the incorrect
link that's posted on the AMRadio preamble page to access the archives.
Or, maybe an e-mail to Scott Neader, KA9FOX, can point you to the correct
person. It's your call as to what you want to do.

In response to your third paragraph, you need to be more specific about
"you advertising".

Pete, WA2CWA

On Thu, 3 Oct 2013 17:05:21 -0500 W5AMI <ars.w5ami at gmail.com> writes:

I did not post that to QSL.net, and have no idea who did.

As you well know, I administrate this list, and have for over 15 years. 
Fact is, I just found out about this archive problem the other day when
someone else asked. I do a lot more than just "administrate" this list. 
By the way, I have changed the link to the full archive on the signature
of all posts made to this list.

Thanks for pointing the blame finger at me. By the way, I've never
complained about you advertising your "commercial" manual business on my
reflector all these years. I might need to change the policy on that

Brian / w5ami
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