[AMRadio] They just re-formatted the Radio Amateur's Handbook

Tom Chesek tchesek at epix.net
Tue Oct 15 06:56:29 EDT 2013

I became a ham in September 2002 and purchased the first edition of Ham 
Radio for Dummies after it came out in 2004.  I was a Johnnie-come-lately to 
the hobby at the time being 51 years old but I did have formal electronics 
training and some personal experience with electronics as a hobby.  Having 
been a newly minted ham I found the book to be an excellent resource.  It 
gives just enough information to allow a basic understanding of a topic.  On 
my quest to become a ham I "self-elmered".  By that I mean that I did not 
seek out anyone or any club for assistance and I relied on the internet, 
mainly, for help initially.  I felt more comfortable doing it this way at my 
pace.  In my opinion this book can be the perfect publication to for a 
prospective ham or an inexperienced ham.  I think that we have all had 
teachers in our lives that we did not connect with and others who made 
everything seem simple.  Books are like that so this might be the one that 
works for you.


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"If you're new to ham radio, these articles contain information that new
ham radio operators should keep handy while gathering experience. You'll
find these references to be just what you need while learning to
navigate the radio bands and make contacts."

Just like QST!


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