[AMRadio] They just re-formatted the Radio Amateur's Handbook

Bill Guyger bguyger at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 15 13:14:46 EDT 2013

There's no doubt that any stepping stone that can be put out for beginners helps. I've been building gear since I was maybe 8 and I'm 66 now and boy do I owe a lot to Elmers and just reading things like the ARRL Handbook and QST's back in the day. OK I admit it, I was a nurd before the word was invented. I think one of my first books was a well used '49 ARRL hb that someone gave me, which I still have.
FWIW I was recently given a Radio Handbook published by Editors and Engineers in 1947. Plenty of theory explained very well, but the construction parts pretty much consist of a picture of a transmitter or receiver etc. and a schematic and you're on your own, no detailed explanation of how to. I guess it goes back to the old days (20's-30's) when radio front panels weren't labeled. If you didn't know what that control did, you had no business messing with it. Someone came along and realized that if the field / hobby was to grow the newbies needed a little help here and there.
Bill AD5OL

On Tuesday, October 15, 2013 11:31 AM, "manualman at juno.com" <manualman at juno.com> wrote:
Excellent reference book for the newly minted amateur. Even some
"seasoned" amateurs could benefit from the material in this book.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Tue, 15 Oct 2013 06:56:29 -0400 "Tom Chesek" <tchesek at epix.net>
> I became a ham in September 2002 and purchased the first edition of 
> Ham 
> Radio for Dummies after it came out in 2004.  I was a 
> Johnnie-come-lately to 
> the hobby at the time being 51 years old but I did have formal 
> electronics 
> training and some personal experience with electronics as a hobby.  
> Having 
> been a newly minted ham I found the book to be an excellent 
> resource.  It 
> gives just enough information to allow a basic understanding of a 
> topic.  On 
> my quest to become a ham I "self-elmered".  By that I mean that I 
> did not 
> seek out anyone or any club for assistance and I relied on the 
> internet, 
> mainly, for help initially.  I felt more comfortable doing it this 
> way at my 
> pace.  In my opinion this book can be the perfect publication to for 
> a 
> prospective ham or an inexperienced ham.  I think that we have all 
> had 
> teachers in our lives that we did not connect with and others who 
> made 
> everything seem simple.  Books are like that so this might be the 
> one that 
> works for you.
> Tom

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