[AMRadio] Found: a Treasure Trove in NH

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Oct 16 14:27:56 EDT 2013

This past weekend I returned home from a 10-day stay in New England. I
passed within a few miles of NearFest Saturday morning, but unfortunately
this trip was primarily a 'family' event, our schedule was tight and we had
a plane to catch. Maybe better planning will be in order next time.

On the way  to the Manchester airport for the flight back to Nashville, I
did take the extra time for a detour up Route 3 and stopped to view and take
a few photos of the WFEA (AM 1370) tower in Merrimack, NH, just a few miles
from the airport. The TX site is unattended so there was no-one to show me
around, and unfortunately the base of the tower is enclosed behind a solid
wooden fence, so I couldn't see the tower base insulator. The tower is a
Blaw-Knox 'diamond', built around 1932 and nearly identical to the ones at
WSM and WLW, except that it is less than half the size. 

Here is a photo: http://www.manfrommars.com/wfea/bktower.jpg 

More information on the tower: http://www.manfrommars.com/wfeatowers.html 

For a good bit of detailed history of the station, go to:

The treasure trove I ran into was a small shop in Hillsborough, NH. My
sister-in-law told me she rarely sees it open but I just happened to pass by
when the guy was in, and the shop was open for business. It is full of
antique broadcast receivers, some antique  landline telegraph equipment, a
collection of slave clocks, jukeboxes, player pianos, and a Navy surplus
FRT-15 transmitter, a pair of 4-1000s modulated by another pair
(http://www.virhistory.com/navy/xmtrs/frt15.htm ). He also has some vintage
ham equipment, including a very dusty 75A-3. He said he wants $250 for the
75A-3 'as is' or if he cleans it up and makes any necessary  repairs, it
would probably go for about $300. He is interested in getting rid of the
FRT-15 because it is too big and heavy, but I didn't ask him what he wanted
for it. He has some vintage ham radio books and magazines. I picked up a
1949 edition of the west coast Radio Handbook for $10 and a circa 1941 D-104
microphone for $25.

He has at least a couple of dozen issues of QST from the late 1920s and
early 1930s that he was selling for $1 each!  I didn't purchase any of those
because I already have a complete set in my library.

Those living within travelling  distance to the area should make it a point
to check this out, since it looks like the kind of place that could shut
down at any time; I doubt if he is making a lot of money running the shop
which is only sporadically open, and it would  be a real shame to see any of
the stuff go to the landfill in case anything happened to the guy and there
was no-one else who knew the value of the stuff.  He looked to be in  his
50s or early 60s; he said he has a ham ticket, WA3 something, but that he
rarely gets on the air. He was aware of the AM activity in the Northeast and
said he knows who Timtron is, but that he 'never uses a microphone'.

He has a website at http://www.piexx.com/  

He  gave me his business card, and here is the  contact information:

Amateur Radio     Early Communications & Tube Type Broadcast Sets   Sales &

Christopher Sleg
P.O. Box 123, 13 Main St.
Hillsboro, NH 03244
E-mail piexx at conknet.com
Tel. 603-464-5411

Disclaimer: I  have no personal interest in this, other than the fact that
someone else might be interested in checking it out before it's gone.

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