[AMRadio] WRL Globe Champion

L L bahr pulsarxp at embarqmail.com
Thu Oct 17 18:49:42 EDT 2013

I need some advice.  Maybe some of you guys can help.  I recently got a WRL Globe Champion 300 transmitter I would like to restore as I have always wanted one.  However, it is going to need a huge amount of restoration.  That said I still want to do it and I know it can't be done cheaply. I have been scrounging final tubes to replace the missing AX-9909 tubes.  I think I'll be using 8643 tubes in the final.  I have now collected a couple 809 tubes (hope they are good) to replace the missing modulator tubes.  That said, I think I can handle all the electrical stuff with problems like these.  Most likely I am going to have to have the front panel re-silk screened, not cheap, too. At least this is all possible.

But the two things that are really disturbing me is the meter lens and the VFO dial lens.  Both need to be replaced as they are yellowed , cracked and scratched plus cloudy.  I think maybe I can make a new vacuum formed VFO lens, or at least find someone to make one for me.  But, the plastic meter lens is another story.  Where in the world am I going to be able to find a replacement meter lens or find someone with the capability to make a new one for me? 

Do any of you guys have a lens solution?  I really shudder at the idea of using a non stock meter to replace the existing one.  My goal is to keep the transmitter looking stock, at least from the outside.  The meter lens is the usual total clear plastic type with the zero adjust screw built into it.

Lee, w0vt   

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